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The Elder Andie Cork, Sr. is the Pastor and Founder of the Mount Peniel Church Of God In Christ of Stafford, Virginia.  Pastor Cork started the ministry on the 3rd Sunday of the month of February in the year of our Lord 2000.  The charter members were himself, his faithful loving spouse Evangelist Missionary Jacqueline R. Cork, and their three children (the trinity as Sister Cork calls them), Andie Cork, Jr., Bryelle Cassidy Cork, and Christopher Gabriel Cork. The very first weekly church services were split between two places his residence and a local hotel.  Pastor Cork was taught from the beginning that no church should begin solely in the home and that serious worship would only be offered in a consecrated place of worship for God’s people.  With this in mind Pastor Cork sought after God’s desire for a place and the Lord answered his prayer and sent him to inquire concerning an available space at the Country Inn Hotel located at 153 Garrisonville Road in Stafford, Virginia.  The Lord prepared the way and showed favor to Pastor Cork by touching the heart of the innkeeper who was delighted to accommodate the meeting.  Thus the first worship service was a wonderful success in that place and all services subsequent to that.  It wasn’t until six months later that it was apparent that the arrangement with the hotel would need to be dissolved.

153 Garrisonville Rd
February 2000


         The Lord again blessed the ministry with a place of worship where Pastor Cork felt he could hold all services in one location.  The church moved to the rear of the Stafford Music Center during the month of August 2000.  The hearts of the owners were in the hands of almighty God and favor was once again poured out into the ministry so much so that not only did Pastor Cork acquire a worship place but he was also able to amass all of the sound and musical equipment the church is currently utilizing.  The church was blessed to stay there six months and learned how to work around the time constraints imposed by the Music Center.  And as before the Lord laid on the heart of the Pastor that there would need to be a time and place for Pastoral Counseling, Meetings, Schooling and Study on a more regular basis.  Pastor Cork began again to seek God for an answer to this current dilemma.  And God again intervened.

Jefferson Davis Hhwy
August 2000 - February 2001


             Pastor Cork was lead to a building that his loving and devoted wife had pointed out to his attention some 9 months earlier.  Missionary Cork had noticed while working at the Realtors office that the building located at 2001 Courthouse Road was available and affordable, but the timing and needs assessments were not right back then.  However, in the month of December 2000 the Lord led Pastor Cork to the doorstep of Mr. James Winkler of Stafford, Virginia.  Mr. Winkler informed Pastor Cork of the building and that it’s current condition would not necessarily be favorable to a place of worship but that with some work it could be.  He further stated that during the 1970s there was in fact a church located in this building and that earlier it was used as a Grocery Corner Store and most recently it had been converted to a Printing Shop.  Pastor Cork along with the help of his good friend Deacon Willie Carter of Yeshua worked diligently to turn the building into a place of worship for the saints.  Since that time the Lord has added to the body of believers and has allowed us to add many other improvements to the building.  Needless to say the Lord again showed favor and opened the new doors of the church on February 25, 2001 at 2001Courthouse Road, Stafford, Virginia.

2001 Courthouse Rd
February 2001- August 2006


           In August of 2005 we moved into the building located at 17 Butler Road at the corner of Route 1 in South Stafford.  The church worshipped in that 3000sf building during the later part of 2006 and moved from there into the Stafford County Recreational Facility in September of 2007.  The recreational building remained our place of worship for over 6 months until the Lord lead Pastor Cork to seek out a more permanent location for ministry.  It was on a Sunday morning that God placed upon Pastor Corks heart to drive to Deacon Rd and inquire about the church that was located on 14 Miracle Valley Lane, it was a 5000sf sanctuary with a separate kitchen/fellowship hall.

17 Butler Road
August 2006 - August 2007


            In September of 2007 after speaking with the owners of the building Pastor Cork decided to bring the building to the attention of the trustees.  Later that week the entire trustee board went and looked at the building and talked with the owners, but it was decided that it wasn’t time to take on such a large responsibility.  The church was then leased to another ministry.  In March of 2008 Pastor and Sister Cork traveled to Richmond, VA to attend the VA COGIC Jurisdictional Workers Meeting and while there he received a phone call from the owners of the church and was informed that it was available again.  Pastor Cork had peace that this was God’s doing.  In April 2008 the new home of the Mount Peniel Church Of God In Christ became:

14 Miracle Valley Lane, Fredericksburg, VA.
2008 to present